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The link between gut health and weight gain

Losing weight can be a struggle. But have you ever thought about the state of your gut health and how it can help you to lose weight?

Understanding how the gut works and how to create a habitable gut environment for friendly bacteria to thrive, can work wonders for you on your weight loss journey.

This blog post will cover the science-backed explanation of the link between weight gain and gut health, as well as the foods containing good bacteria which is linked to weight loss.

What is the link between the gut microbiome and weight?

“There are links between gut bacteria and weight. The gut microbiota of individuals who are overweight show patterns of dysbiosis compared to healthy individuals. Ultimately, this is associated with inflammation and increased blood sugar levels because there is a greater extraction of energy from food” according to a blog post by Atlas Biomed in January.

Speaking to SB nutrition, qualified holistic nutritionist and personal trainer Riley Romazko said: “Gut dysbiosis can lead to inflammation and there is usually a linear connection between inflammation and weight gain.”

When certain organs don’t get specific nutrients due to gut malabsorption, this can potentially lead to toxicity build-up. Many times, when people get toxicity build up, they have a protective reaction, she said, adding that the problem with this is: “When we have toxicity, we can actually have excess fat protecting out organs” she said. Therefore, the more toxicity, usually, the higher your weight.

The specific strains of bacteria linked with weight loss

There is a bacterial strain called Akkermansia Munciniphila (AM), which is a good bacteria, explains Romazko. Lower levels of AM are found in more obese people.

“This strain of bacteria particularly loves apple peals so if you eat a whole apple with the peal, that actually feeds that good bacteria” in your gut, she continues.

She also recommends blueberries and plant foods in general, which are “really great for bringing that proportion of AM up”, and agreed that a natural, wholefood diet is beneficial for weight management, in comparison to artificial ingredients: “People tend to eat more of the processed foods which have very low diversity. They are actually starving off their good bacteria that way, so there is usually that trend in more obese people.”

Other ways to improve your gut health to promote better digestion and improve your weight loss efforts is by taking probiotic supplements or eating probiotic foods such as kefir, yoghurt, kimchi, kombucha, miso and sauerkraut, among others.

Make sure your supplements are natural, tested for heavy metals, and recyclable, like SB nutrition’s.

Remember to be consistent with your efforts towards any goal you might have, and that patience is key! Don’t expect results too quickly.

SB nutrition is here to help you every step of the way by providing natural and wholefood supplements that can improve your gut health.

Did you know that the earlier you start taking your vitamin D, the better!

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