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3 reasons your protein powder is making you bloated

Bloating after consuming protein powder is incredibly common. It all comes down to the artificial ingredients in most protein powders on the market. For some, it can also be lactose intolerance, and for others, just consuming too much protein. Switching to a natural protein powder with no artificial ingredients has helped many of our customers to relieve digestive issues.

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How better gut health can improve those muscle gains

Improving your gut health can have a positive impact on your ability to increase muscle mass. Many of us are becoming increasingly aware that our gut microbes play a crucial role in regulating our metabolism, immunity, mental health and other bodily functions. Negative changes in gut microbes have also been associated with obesity, liver disease, diabetes, cancer and neurological conditions that damage brain tissue, according to Medical News Today. But what about the fitness industry and gut health? The conventional attitude in the fitness industry is that we must follow a diet high in carbohydrates and protein in order to build muscle. There is a high emphasis on meal planning too, which is good, but also detrimental to our gut...

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Is the vegan diet actually healthier?

The vegan trend is on the rise, as is the importance of sustainable living. As more and more of us switch to veganism or meat-free diets, it begs the question – Is going vegan really healthier? Put simply, the answer to this depends on how you do the vegan diet. Doing it the right way: Vegans who follow a wholefood and natural diet with plenty of fruit and veg, legumes, lentils, wholegrains, and plant-based meat substitutes that have undergone little processing such as tofu and tempeh, can reap many health benefits. A plant-based diet with mostly fresh foods like this can: Lower your blood pressure Improve your heart health – This is due to cutting out meat items from your...

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