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"The act of nutrition has been proven in research to have a direct correlation with the improvement of mental health"

Dr Eva Selhub | Harvard Health

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Our ingredients are tested for heavy metals.

Many consumer products contain high levels of toxic heavy metals including cadmium, mercury, lead, copper, tungsten, and arsenic. All of the ingredients we use are tested for these.

Our packaging is recyclable.

Being environmentally friendly is at the heart of what we do!

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"Many supplements claim they are natural yet they still have bad stuff in it which is misleading. I feel blessed to have come across this protein supplement that is completely natural and contains no rubbish. I have gone from taking 2 scoops of the previous products to 1 as this is much more filling. Even though it is unflavoured, I can taste cinnamon which I love. It is also much thicker than what I am used to, but I prefer it like that. I am surprised that an unflavoured shake can actually taste nice.

Thanks SB nutrition for selling this product at such a reasonable price (as it literally contains everything you could possible ask for in a shake). As it is so good for you, I have also introduced this product to my mother!!!"

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"Been trying to get a product that's natural and vegan. This hits the spot! As I've experienced gallbladder problems with previous protein powders, this one has been pain free. I've previously used 2.5 scoops to get the benefits but this product gives you enough benefits with one scoop. Will definitely buy again." 

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